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CCleaner is one of the most important programs in the acceleration of computer, which is the most popular tool in cleaning the computer from the many files that slow down the device. CCleaner is one of the best free computer programs that have a great reputation in the world of the Internet and unlike the existence of many programs that provide this service CCleaner has proven to many that it is the best among these programs that it is the perfect computer cleaning program
Ccleaner is the most successful programs on the arena of computer acceleration programs because it does not add any malicious ads or malware and therefore the company developed for this program success in the evolution of the user to be easy to use does not have any experience in dealing with computer acceleration programs CCleaner delete Cache files and cookies used on Internet browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox and many of the programs used by surfing the Internet and it offers you the optimum security in your browsing sites and also delete unnecessary files and history and all data that works on the preservation of privacy

CCleaner 2018
CCleaner 2018

Features of CCleaner 2018 :

  • CCleaner is a free program
  • Protecting the privacy of CCleaner users on the Internet
  • Delete all special cache files "Google Chrome, Firefox"
  • Improve the interface of the program and add some features inside the interface
  • Improved detection and cleaning of different browsers and repair and support of different languages
  • Improved open pages within Firefox browser
  • Supports lot of languages
  • CCleaner powered by large companies such as Google, Microsoft

CCleaner provides you with many services, including maintaining the privacy of your Internet connection in terms of the program to add the possibility of canceling the preservation of passwords for very long periods on the computer. The program deletes and disables software from the device easily. CCleaner does not use any resources to slow down the computer, but it is based on the acceleration of the computer and to improve and reduce the use and consumption of data is really a program that goes beyond definition in speeding up and cleaning the computer

Information about the release of CCleaner 2018 :

Software nameCCleaner
Version 5.35.6210
The size9.36 MB
The languagesupports English and many languages
Operating requirementsWindows 
Download CCleaner :

You can download CCleaner from the link below and if you have a problem downloading CCleaner you can put this problem in the comment below and we will be very happy to help you solve the problem of CCleaner  to work fully on the computer

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