Disconnect the net on any device connected to Wi-Fi or determine the speed of the Internet

If you share Wi-Fi with your family, neighbors or coffee shops, you should notice the slow Internet speed in some cases due to the large number of connected devices, especially the coffee shops. To solve this problem you can use an application that allows you to disconnect the devices connected to you with Wi-Fi One of the best applications is netcut pro.

netcut pro
netcut pro

This application allows you to know all the information about any device connected to the Wi-Fi network such as ip address, MAC address, device type, etc. You can also disconnect from them or just determine the internet streaming you want to use for each device, but the problem with this application is It's paid But you can download it for free on our site on your Android phone. .

After downloading and installing the application, you will open it and you will notice that it has a simple interface and shows all the connected devices. Any information device can be pressed to find out more information about it and disconnect it, or only determine the internet throughput that can reach it at the maximum.

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