How to get followers on Twitter quickly

The problem with twitter for new people is the lack of interaction of anyone with what they publish, which we like to put in your hands steps to get the greatest number of followers
How to get followers on Twitter quickly :
How to get followers on Twitter quickly
How to get followers on Twitter quickly


1.Make sure your profile is full of data, and make your profile photo full of vitality :

It is best to put your personal picture It is important that people know who you are and what your interests are.

2.Write good tweets from time to time :

-People will look at your tweets and then they will judge you whether you deserve to follow or not.
-You should at least write one tweet a day at a minimum or two to enrich your account.
-Make sure you write a different set of topics and not just your own thoughts or what you do at the moment.
-Talking about hobbies and giving cultural information is a nice thing and this is often what Twitter users like.
-Send some strange and amazing photos, or funny and exciting videos and no trouble putting audio clips.

3.Follow the people who publish as you publish :

If you're writing on cultural topics, "follow" people who follow other people's cultural tweets, they may notice your follow-up and look at what you write and they follow you as well because interests are shared

4.Ask your followers to retweet what you write :

This will spread your tweets to the depths of Twitter, so it's no problem that you write in your last post, "Forget to re-create Twitter" (but avoid getting too many).

5.unfollow people who have not followed you :

People who follow them and then do not respond favorably to you. You have to get rid of them regularly. This is very important because there are 2,000 people. When you reach this limit, you can continue to follow people only when your followers reach 2,000 people. Cleaning up your list will be stressful and time-consuming.

6.Re-send your most popular old tweets:

Note your tweets and see, you have the most replies and "retweet", then resubmit them until you reach people who have not seen them before. You gain more followers, and try to estimate when most of your followers will log on to Twitter. And then send your Tweets .. Once again I advise you not to multiply your old reload, then follow you enjoy the new more than the old.

What you should avoid forever :

-Do not use apps to send tweets automatically. This may lead to people following you off.

-Twitter contains a system that detects the follow-up and follow-up many and fast, in case you catch this system will shut down your account.

-Do not cancel directly the follow-up people who did not respond to you Gemayel follow up, but I wait about five days, they may be busy with their personal affairs, and on the other hand, so that your account is not suspended by the system of security Twitter, it will classify you on spam or spam .

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