Jailbreak Guide: Its benefits and disadvantages, is it safe, do I need it, and how do I get Jailbreak

1 - What is Jailbreak ?

Since you're here, you're probably using an iOS device and know that you can only download apps from the App Store and that you can not share any of the files you want with Bluetooth with your friends who use Android, for example, And you can not change the theme of your device freely and you can not change the function of buttons or shortcuts and you can not even access the root files in the system and the transfer of files from your computer to your iOS system all the more.These barriers to use are called restrictions imposed by Apple on the users of this system, some call it jail.
SO Jailbreak 's meaning is to cut off the restrictions imposed by Apple to obtain full powers to control the device and is different from opening the lock

2. Words to know :

Cydia Store: A program that is often installed when installing the Jailbreak, is used to download Apple's unlicensed files, tools and applications that are not on the App Store.

Every developer or programmer on Cydia has a special place to view its applications and tools.
These programs do not appear in the search results unless you add the page link that the developer presents to your Cydia store manually.

tweaks: It is a type of program that allows you to modify the functions of the system and how it works, such as adding new shortcuts, changing the function of buttons, changing control center elements, status bar, navigation between application pages and how different applications work on the device. And many other features and is - for many users - the most important thing provided by Jailbreak .

3. Types of Jailbreak :

Tethered Jailbreak: It is the worst kind of Jailbreak when using Jailbreak of this type you connect your iPhone or iPad computer each time you restart it

SemiTethered Jailbreak: Type a medium, the machine will have a Jailbreak of this type after restart without the need for the computer, but you will lose the advantages of Jailbreak and you may experience problems in the system.
You will eventually have to use your computer to install the Jailbreak again, but you will have a longer lead time compared to the first type.
This type is also characterized by its limited validity.

Untethered Jailbreak: It is the best species, and can be called full Jailbreak, when restarting the device will not lose the Jailbreak or its advantages, and will not face any problems in the operation of the system and the duration of validity is unlimited.

4. Benefits and disadvantages of the Jailbreak :

Jailbreak Benefits  :
  • Upload apps from multiple places, unlike the App Store.
  • You can use alternative applications and software for different applications in the store such as Watts ++, Facebook ++, which offer additional benefits compared to official applications.
  • Download the different themes to modify the appearance of your device (know the best themes available at the Cydia store by visiting this topic: Themes for free download)
  • Access to the system files: With the tools available in the Cydia store such as SSH tool, you can connect to the files of the system of iOS and modification and transfer files from your computer to your iPhone or iPad easily and also thanks to this feature installed programs and applications not available in Apple Store.
  • Ability to transfer and share files of various kinds by Bluetooth.
 Jailbreak disadvantages :

  • LOSS OF WARRANTY: You will be solely responsible for any damage to your device and will void Apple's warranty (this is important for those who have purchased your device from an official shop only)
  • You will be subject to unexpected consequences: Sometimes users of gilbrek experience different and unexpected problems such as faulty application work, loss of some system functions, and short battery life.
  • If pirated programs are downloaded from unreliable databases, they are often vulnerable to viruses and spyware.
  • Will be the last to take advantage of Apple's updates and the latest versions of iOS, because Apple is constantly closing the gap based on the Gilberick installation and will be between two options either to stay on the old version to maintain the Gilberick or upgrade with its loss.
5. Is Jailbreak safe ?

Installing Jailbreak on your device makes it more vulnerable to viruses and malware, because it completely removes the protection that Apple offers in a system that you run.
But you can avoid risks by keeping away from pirated software and unreliable software.
You can also use antivirus software for iPhone such as Avira to minimize this risk.

6. Do I need Jailbreak ?

Millions of users around the world consider iOS to be a great operating system without Jailbreak However, there is a significant segment of users is disturbed by the lack of some advantages in this system and the absence of some of the functions in the app store App Store so go to the Jailbreak , if you feel this The Jailbreak  is the best solution for you.
But by taking the latter's risks into account, the answer to this question is yours alone by comparing the importance of the advantages that the gilberbic gives you in your daily use of the device and the amount of damage it will inflict upon you, whichever is greater.
Also, you should be aware that Apple is trying to steal as much as possible the advantages offered by the Cydia tools and its official integration into iOS updates to eliminate the need for the Jailbreak .
Many of the features that we used to get to the Jailbreak to get them such as video screen photography iPhone, the sharing of cellular data from the iPhone ... and other features are now available in the system without iOS Jailbreak .

7- Does my iPhone or my iPad accept the Jailbreak ?

Some versions accept and others do not.
This is mainly related to: OS version. Then a 32-bit or 64-bit processor architecture.

8 - Install the Jailbreak :
As we explained earlier, the Jailbreak software varies according to the dependent gaps, so the Jailbreak installation varies from one program to another and from one version to another.

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