Download Microsoft Download Manager (MDM)

One of the most important programs on computers is the download programs because of the inability to download the various files using the tool for loading on different browsers, although the ability of access to all files and their effectiveness in the large download, but it is a simple tool that downloads files in a large time and does not fit With large files and there are many programs of download recently appeared, but these programs either be driven programs or programs are not effective causing the suffering of the user, so we offer you one of the programs featured in the download is the Microsoft Download Manager.

Microsoft Download Manager
Microsoft Download Manager 

About Microsoft Download Manager:

The program is the most important programs is a product of the company Microsoft Microsoft rich definition of the company is characterized by its distinctive programs such as Microsoft Office and is the owner of all versions of Windows Therefore, the program supports all older and newer versions, The company has made many improvements to the program to make it work better and better. The program is characterized by its fast speed in downloading files from the Internet such as image files, videos, programs and games of all sizes and you can stop the process of loading and restart and resume again at another time and thus able to address all the problems that may occur at any time such as the interruption of electricity or the occurrence Malfunction or damage to the device.

How to use the program:

In the beginning you must download the program and install it on your device, but when you start the installation process of closing all windows for all browsers, after the completion of the installation process, enter the program and insert the link you want to download to the program and then click on the Start button to start downloading and you can program From the control and selection of the place where you want to save the file, the program is characterized by its speed of loading as a result of dividing the file into several sections.

Microsoft Download Manager features:

  • Free: The program is one of the free programs that do not require full membership so you can enjoy all the features.
  • Languages: The program supports a large number of international languages, the most important of which is the English language which has helped to spread the program in many countries around the world.
  • Small Size: The program is one of the light programs on the system as it does not exceed the size of 2 MB and does not consume much of the resources of the device.
  • Manage Downloads: The program arranges and coordinates files and links to be downloaded in an organized manner.
  • Stop and Resume: The program enables you to stop the download process and resume and resume the download process again from somewhere that stops the program and not from the beginning, saving the user time.
  • Speed: The program splits the links into several small parts that load each part in detail, which helps to increase the speed of the download process.
  • Ease of use: The program is one of the simple and easy to use programs as it contains a simple interface through which you can control all files.

Disadvantages of the program:

The program is one of the featured programs, but it does have the disadvantage of not showing the download speed in the program interface, which makes the user unable to follow the download.

Download Microsoft Download Manager :

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